Currículum Vitae

Luis Rodríguez Neches

Summary I’m a software engineer who studied in the University of Valladolid (Spain).

I’ve been working in the last year in the Everis office settled in Tucumán (Argentina). There I’ve played different roles, some of them cross-team such as Git Master and software architect as well as technical leader in one of the development teams in Tucumán.

Interests I’m interested in programming, especially source control management, agile methodologies, software engineering and everything related to software development.


I’ve participated sparingly in some open source projects: ReviewBoard, CruiseControl .NET, CruiseControl and Jenkins.


I also enjoy scripting, especially in Python due to its huge variety of application, ease to learn, expressivity and huge importance in today products. I’ve programmed in PowerShell, as well; I’ve written several scripts in order to automate some common tasks regarding development: environment configuration, deployments


Finally I find it very fun programming mobile applications, particularly in Android technology. I’ve developed a couple of apps, several of them is available in Google Play:

Technical skills ·         .NET (professional, more than 7 years of experience)

·         C# (professional, more than 7 years of experience)

·         Java (professional, more than 3 years of experience)

·         Windows (internals) (professional, more than 7 years of experience)

·         UNIX / Linux (professional, more than 5 years of experience)

·         SCRUM (professional, more than 7 years of experience)

·         HTML, CSS (professional, 2 years of experience)

·         JavaScript (professional, more than 2 years of experience)

·         Android (amateur, 1 app published in Google Play: StackBrowser; currently I’m developing new applications).

Experience Everis (January 2015 – today)

I’m working in a web / SOA application for the IDB (Interamerican Development Bank). This project regards the operations that the bank performs in different countries of America, including media data about the operations, handling disbursement graphs, and different business operations.


It’s a .NET 4.5 project developed in MVC 5, and including lots of technologies, including SharePoint 2013, BizTalk, K2, Entity Framework, WCF, SQL Server, Reporting Services, Integration Services, JavaScript, jQuery, Kendo UI, HTML 5, CSS, Automapper, CastleWindsor… and the .NET core, of course.


As a technical leader my functions are:


·         Git master of the project. I structured and defined the Git-Flow to use in the project, as long as giving training and support to the different teams involved.

·         Definition of the general ALM (Application Lifetime Management): I defined the task workflow, including peer-reviews using TFS-code review, peer-validations, SCRUM implementation (daily meetings, retrospective meetings, plan meetings), deployment automation, deployment testing and code conventions in order to offer the same coding style in the whole project.

·         Rules and best practices definition for the testing automation.

·         Re-definition of the architecture: The system already existed and was deployed in its first version to the customer but it lacked of important design improvements. Currently working on that.

·         Development of new features and bug fixes.

·         Recruiting: I’ve worked closely in the recruiting of the rest of the team.

·         Training of the rest of the team as a key factor to become a cohesive, efficient team.

·         Testing architecture design.


The project is developed among different, distributed teams, settled in Washington, Tucumán (2 teams), Seville and Bogotá.


  Códice Software S.L. (March 2009 – November 2014)


For more than five years and a half I worked in the development of Plastic SCM, a source control system developed by Códice Software, a Spanish start-up. This product is widely used around the world competing with American companies such as Perforce, Accurev or IBM’s Clear Case. Among other important customers this product is used by Pantech, Mapfre, Banco Santander, Hewlett Packard, Delphi, Wargaming or TellTale. We were a team of 10 people so all of us had to played lots of roles. In my case I played the following roles:

·         New features programming, GUIs (frontend), plugins development (ReviewBoard, Jenkins, Crucible…) server and core (backend).

·         Analysis and design of new features.

·         Analysis to improve processes and techniques.

·         Bug fixing

·         Documentation writing in english and spanish, in the company blog, technical articles, user documentation…

·         Automatic tests writing: unit, smoke, performance, system, GUI tests.

·         Working on a testing framework and an internal testing automated system.

·         Technical support to customers all around the world regarding source control management, agile tools and agile methodologies.

·         Speeches and conferences regarding testing and Plastic SCM.



GMV Systems. (April 2008 – October 2008)


I worked for 6 months in a legacy project written in C++ and migrated to .NET y C# 2.0. I also designed a GIS database using Post GIS.


I also worked designing the new GUI and developed an installer for the application.



NET Design Studio, S.L. (June 2007 – October 2007)


I developed CRM and ERP applications in .NET 2 using Crystal Reports and SQL Server 2005.



NET Design Studio, S.L. (June 2006 – October 2006)


I wrote some web applications in PHP, JavaScript and CSS.

Studies ·         Software Engineer (2008). Universidad de Valladolid, Spain.

·         Technical Engineer in Systems (2006). Universidad de Valladolid, Spain.

Languages ·         English: Full skills in professional speech. FCE of the Cambridge University.

·         German: B2 level.

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